easy last-minute date ideas

I wanted to write this post for the other people out there like me who either go big on holidays or don’t go at all. We’re still recovering from a nasty flu/virus + Mexico so I knew we wouldn’t be up for much, but Valentine’s day is this week so the show must go on! Here are a few good last minute date night ideas outside of dinner + a movie - whether it’s a holiday or not.

easy last-minute date ideas

Craft Together

I know this might not be everyone’s thing, but it’s worth a shot. Seb loves activities that a) require concentration and b) produce something so crafting isn’t half bad for him. A few good options include making your own art (there are a ton of good, easy tutorials out there), making candles or soaps, or even completing a page of a coloring book. For dessert + an activity, find something fun to bake together! Check out A Beautiful Mess for any DIY or craft project you could every want.

Do a Project

We joke that our typical date night is a trip to the hardware store and that’s not untrue. We love projects and strolling the isles of Lowes after dinner is fun! A low-stress, quick project can be a great date night, especially if you get to see the results of your handiwork by the end of the night. A few options might be buying and potting new plants, giving a room in your house a new coat of paint, hanging a few shelves, or even making something new like corn-hole boards!

Puzzle or Game Night

I made this an OR because I personally don’t enjoy games very much. I can get on board with a puzzle or a conversation starter type game though. Seb loves to play a game so he’d probably recommend Joking Hazard or Settlers of Catan.

Movie Night

I typically hate this suggestion as it seems like a cop out, but I wanted to include it given the stipulation that you actually put some work into it. Make a themed meal to go with your selected movie or go for some homemade popcorn and a selection of candy. Make a nest on the floor out of pillows and blankets for a cozy spot to watch. Just be sure you’re doing something to make it more special that your normal Netflix on the couch Tuesday night.


One of my personal favs and something we tend only to do in the warmer months, but there’s no reason you can’t have a picnic on the living room floor. Make a charcuterie spread or just grab some milk and cookies!

Local Museums + Events

Art museum dates are so fun and usually free or low cost. You can also check out what events are happening in your area and hit something you wouldn’t normally do. A few months ago we went to the kickoff event for a beehive installation at a local hotel. They had honey themed drinks + apps and it was something we wouldn’t normally do!

Take a Class

We love our local SkillPop classes. Take a look at what classes are available in your area and try something new together!

Create Your Own Tasting

My parents inadvertently do this at their parties sometimes and it’s always really fun! Pick out a few bottles of whiskey, wine or beer and create your own at-home tasting. You could always try a few food pairings with them as well! A charcuterie board never hurt here either.

Alternative Date Night Dinner

I know lots of couples fall into the rut of just going out to dinner for date night, but there are a couple of ways to mix up that easy routine. For example, why not do apps + drinks at several different restaurants throughout the course of the night? It’s like a progressive dinner, but you don’t have to cook! Or take a look at what food trucks are in your area for the night. A food truck meal + bottle shop is a great alternative to drinks and dinner at a restaurant.

As for us, we’ll be candle-making this year! Seb went to a SkillPop class on how to make candles and came home wanting to make 53,078,193 of them – perfect for a date night activity. I’m guessing we’ll also whip up something a little fancier than our normal at home meal and have a glass of wine for the first time in weeks. Cheers to a day of love!