where i am: february 2019

HOW is it already the middle of February. I feel so thrown off right now. We were in Mexico for the first few days of February (recap coming soon) and then got really sick. I mean like a sickness from hell. I got sick the night before we left and let me tell you, 11 hours of travel while nauseous is not my idea of fun. I’m not sure if it was something we picked up from the food in Mexico or if it was a flu/virus from the airport, but we were both down for the count. At one point, we rock-paper-scissored for who had to go downstairs to get more supplies. Then, we went to the lake for my mom’s birthday and to lay new floors up there (more to come on this too). We were feeling better and decided to just push through getting the living room finished, but ended up really burnt out afterwards. We’re slowly regaining our energy and appetites, and I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve actually written anything. Apologies for the absence, but I’m back!

february 2019 update

february 2019 update

January was a slow month and I experienced an energetic/emotional low that I haven’t seen in a while, but that picked up once I realized it was just my annual winter blues. The end of January ended up being really productive. I batched a bunch of content in prep for our Mexico trip and felt really great heading into that (and didn’t end up needing to do any blog content while I was there)! I also had some big breakthroughs personally just before we left. I’ve known for a while now that my thoughts surrounding my body + food have not been as healthy as they should be and I finally made some progress on that. I’ve still got a little ways to go, but I’m excited about my progress! Also, I cut my hair off! I do this every so often – grow my hair out really long and then chop it off. This time though, it really felt like a way for me to make space for new things. Starting fresh (and with less) can really shake things up in the best way and that’s what this haircut feels like for sure.

What I’m looking forward to:

Alison’s Brand School

I put this in last month and it will probably be in here every month until I actually go. I can’t wait to go to Alison’s Brand School! I love love love her and am really excited for what it will do for my business. I’m also going to Alt Summit while I’m out there and Joanna Gaines and the sisters from A Beautiful Mess are speaking! Those are the ones I’m most excited about but literally everyone on the lineup is amazing and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

Manifestation Babe Podcast

For a while, I was in a podcast drought. I’d finished all the podcasts I loved and new content wasn’t coming out fast enough. I thrive on inspirational content so this was a bummer and it also caused me to turn to TV which can easily turn into a bad habit. But then I found Manifestation Babe. I’ve been loving her content and I’m pacing myself this time so I’m not out of episodes in 3 days. Spoiler: she went from her business making $6,000 in 2016 to $600,000 in 2017. If you’re into law of attraction stuff, check it out because she’s great!

Lake House Renovation

I’ll write a whole post on these plans and obviously let you guys see the final product, but this project is giving me (and honestly my whole family) life right now. We LOVE our lake house, but it truly was a little, old house in the woods. We lived with it the way it was for so long just because we’re outside most of the time anyway so it didn’t feel worth it, but ripping up the carpets was one of those things you wish you’d done years ago. Now, we’ve got so much positive progress that we actually decided to make it a bigger project than originally intended and I’M SO EXCITED.

What I’m working on:

Beliefs About Body

I already mentioned that I’ve had some major breakthroughs here, but I want to keep up the good work. Feeling good will only help me in other areas of my life, so I want to make sure I look + feel my best!

Business Mindset

I know I’ve still got a ways to go on my limiting beliefs around career in general and also my business specifically. This is a huge priority for me, but I know it will take time and I’m willing to put it in!

Manifesting Money

Speaking of the Manifestation Babe podcast, I’m doing her 21 day challenge! I haven’t talked a ton on the blog about manifestation specifically, but I love the idea of doing a targeted challenge to get started. For me, money has been tied up in my complicated relationship with my career, but I’m excited to start separating those two schools of thought and to uplevel both in the process!

All in all, I feel a little like the month got away from me, but also very excited for what’s coming. Hopeful, inspired, and optimistic is a good place to be! What about you? What are you working on or looking forward to?