law of attraction: what is it anyway?

What Is Law of Attraction Anyway?

Law of Attraction! Literally my favorite topic. I’ve got a nice little overview here, but I wanted to go into a little more depth because the concept of law of attraction has literally changed my life. And if you think it sounds a little out there, I totally get that, but once I started digging deeper I realized that the principles surrounding law of attraction are also related to neurology, the power of positive thinking and a lot of the other personal development concepts that are taught today.

What really hooked me was Jess Lively’s link between quantum mechanics and law of attraction.

I’d like to go ahead and point out that science hasn’t yet caught up here so this isn’t confirmed, but I really resonated with the connection she made. If you don’t, just take what you want from this post and leave the rest.

Quantum mechanics is the science of the very small – like subatomic particles small. I’m no physicist so I’ll refer you to Jess Lively’s series on quantum living, but my understanding is that on a subatomic level everything has a frequency/vibration and like attracts like. So things of a particular frequency are attracted to things of a similar frequency.

My favorite real-world example of this is that one friend that all of us have who, no matter what, is always running into trouble. They’re just that unfortunate person who has bad things happen to them repeatedly and often. On the flip side, you may know someone who is so happy and always has great luck. This is law of attraction.

What Law of Attraction Means to Me

What law of attraction means to me is that if I can raise my vibration, I can get more good stuff in my life. That’s maybe a little bit of an oversimplification, but it’s true. This is where a lot of people talk about manifesting. Not a concept most people think about on a daily basis, but it’s the idea that if you’re intentionally using law of attraction, you can aim to bring about certain results.

I’ve seen it in action too. Not always on a massive scale, but it’s there if you’re looking. Little things like mentioning to someone in the morning that you’re wanting more community and a friend volunteering the information that afternoon that she knows someone starting a community of female entrepreneurs. Or something as straightforward as needing a license for Microsoft Office and getting a free license a few minutes later.

Part of the reason that we’re normally seeing these things on a small scale and not a large scale relates to resistance. We can only attract things we don’t have resistance to. Resistance normally comes in the form of limiting beliefs often on a subconscious level.

How Can I Use Law of Attraction?

Glad you asked! I’m going to be doing a series about just that over the coming weeks. LOA is something I’ve loved learning about and applying to my own life and I can’t wait to share! Next up will be the basic principles. Until then, check out my favorite beginners resources!