where i am: june 2019

After last month’s bummer of an update, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better! I think in many ways that low was what I needed to let go of some of the things I was holding too tightly to. I’ve had quite a few breakthroughs recently and I know the two are related.

where i am: april 2019

So what’s going on now…I have been so much chiller about things working out than I was a month ago. I had put an arbitrary deadline on myself that I removed and ended up manifesting what I wanted. I received some unexpected money so that was fun! I’m playing with the idea of receiving a certain amount of money this month so I’ll keep you updated on how that unfolds.

What I’m Working On

embodying the future version of myself

I’m done with constantly doubting myself and my abilities so I’ve decided to practice deliberately changing my energy. I’m embodying the future version of myself who already has what she wants and I’m working out of that energy. I mean if law of attraction says like attracts like, then work done from a place of feeling successful will end up being successful. Part of this is that I know that I want to help people create lives they love and be better versions of themselves and for me that means coaching. I’m going after what I want (more clients) and I’m confident in my ability to make it happen. So if you or someone you know might be interested in coaching with me, let me know!

downstairs renovations

It looks like we might be hosting an engagement party at our house at the end of July! Am I crazy? Maybe. But it gives me a deadline to get things really rolling for our downstairs. At the time I’m writing this, I have the drywall hung but not taped + mudded so I’ll be starting that ASAP. We have a temporary solution for the dining room floor that was previously carpeted. Oh and the small task of painting all the walls and trim downstairs. Plus all the little things like changing outlets, rehabbing some furniture, + adding/fixing trim. I’m equal parts excited + overwhelmed. I’ll do an update post in the next few weeks!

relaxing + letting go

This one is two fold. I want to enjoy summer instead of getting caught up in my to-dos and stressing about work. Also, I want to quit trying so freaking hard all the time. It’s a constant lesson for me. Yesterday, I wasn’t in alignment when I tried to get some work done and it wasn’t going well. I tried to take some time for personal development and that wasn’t working either. I tried to do a few things around the house and everything just felt off. Finally, around 3pm, I finally gave up and ended up having two really great ideas, shooting some pictures for the blog, and got the news about receiving some unexpected money overdue from March. It was just another sign that things work out when you stop fighting it and trying so hard to do what you ‘should’ be doing all the time.

 What I’m Excited about:


The lake house is so close to being done. There’s really only one bathroom and the flooring in the laundry room left to do and it feels so nice in there! Also, we’ve spent the last few weekends working hard to finish some things up so that we can start having company and now I’m just ready to be able to enjoy it. We’ll still be working on the other bathroom over the summer, but we’ll work that around our schedule so I can pry Seb outside the house into the sunshine against his will.

enjoying where i am

I’ve got a lot going on right now and I’m just trying to soak it all up! I feel so clear + ready for what’s coming. Somehow it feels like June is going to be a big month for me and it’s the best feeling! I want to soak that up and capitalize on the energy of it!

intuition / knowing

The lessons I’ve learned over the last few weeks have really brought me even closer to my intuition and it’s a good place to be. I’m enjoying making more decisions from an intuitive place and it’s something I want to continue to cultivate.

Do y’all ever do reflections like this for yourself? I find them so helpful personally so I’d encourage you to give it some thought. What are you working on and what are you excited for??