how i manifested $75,000 and how i know it was a manifestation

So I told you the story about manifesting a bunch of money by selling our townhouse, but what I didn’t tell you was that we ended up making about $75,000! What?? It was crazy town and I want to share the love and tell you exactly why I truly believe it was a manifestation and not just happenstance.

how i manifested $75,000
  1. I’d been asking for money

    As referenced here, I was working on my money mindset. I had just finished up Kathrin Zenkina’s 21 day money challenge workbook. I made it very known to the universe that I wanted to bring in some $$$$.

  2. It was way more than asking price

    We listed the house for $5,000 more than we thought it was worth. We ended up getting $20,000 more than asking price. That just doesn’t happen all the time. It was a miracle.

  3. So many things could’ve gone wrong, but instead they went right

    The buyer could’ve backed out. Something could’ve gone wrong in the inspection. They could’ve asked for a bunch of cash back at closing for repairs. They could’ve backed out entirely. There were opportunities for “takesies backsies” and that didn’t happen.

  4. I broke down a (directly related) limiting belief the week before

    This is my main evidence that I specifically manifested this money. As I mentioned, I’d been working on my money mindset and untying it from career. Two days before we listed, I had a session with my life coach where I took the pressure off my business having to make money. I literally said, “okay, I’m going to stay open to other ways I might make money.” What I was thinking at the time was that I might try to find a fun part-time job. Lol at what I got instead. After that session, I literally wrote my limiting belief in my journal: Income can only come through a traditional job. I scratched through it and wrote two new thoughts: My business does not have to be the only way I make money. Money comes to me in a variety of ways.

Then I made $75,000. Coincidence? I think not! One other fun thing to note. At the time of my session/breakthrough, we were looking at a house that we were planning to put an offer in on. I wasn’t feel 100% about it, but Seb was so excited about it and I knew it had lots of potential. On the same journal page, I wrote: I surrender to the Universe. I know you will bring the housing situation that is for our best + highest good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That weekend we ended up touring + falling in love with a different house that we can now pay for in part because of the extra money we’re making on the townhouse. That first one just wasn’t quite right, but it all worked out in the end! Even if you don’t fully believe in this stuff, I hope this story was uplifting and inspiring. If you’re interested in learning more about limiting beliefs, check out this post. Are you interested in learning how to break down these limiting beliefs yourself? If so, give me a holler in the comments below or fill out my contact form and let’s chat!