law of attraction: scarcity mentality

There’s this thing called Scarcity Mentality and I hate it because it breeds fear. It tells you that there’s only so much of something and that if someone else has what you want, there’s less of it available for you. If someone else has success, there’s less for you. If someone else has money, there’s less for you. If someone else has love, there’s less for you.

This is a recipe for jealousy and fear. It makes you constantly stay on guard for people and things who are threatening your resources. Our minds are, at their core, designed to keep us physically safe from harm and scarcity mentality is a very primal response.

scarcity mentality

The good news is, we live in the 21st century and no longer need to worry about scavenging for food + water. There is plenty of success, love, money and, thankfully, really yummy food to go around. So what’s the alternative?

The opposite of scarcity mentality is abundance mentality and let me tell you, it’s a game changer. Abundance mentality is the idea that everything is working out in your favor and that there’s always enough to go around. It allows you to celebrate others’ successes with abandon. It tells you that even though your friend got a job you would’ve really liked, there’s still the perfect job for you out there waiting for you. It reminds you that while you might not have found your perfect partner, there are no shortage of single people in the world ready to meet you. I love abundance mentality! It’s so much more fun than scarcity!

From a law of attraction perspective, it’s incredibly valuable because the fact that you’re not worried over how + when something will happen for you is what allows the thing to come into your life. It creates a peaceful certainty that it will happen which attracts the thing right to you. It’s the opposite of resistance. Remember the emotional scale? Notice how positive expectation and belief are the 4th highest emotions on the scale! Not only will making this mindset shift to abundance make you less miserable, but it also means you’re in a better place to attract what you want (and move even farther up the scale!).

So how do you go from scarcity mentality to abundance mentality?

Of course the answer is mindset work. Again, your thoughts are just habits that you have total control over if you choose to exercise it. In particular, here are a few things you can do in the moment when you notice a thought of scarcity.

  1. Choose to look through the lens of faith and not fear

    Basically, look at the bright side. Find the best possible outcome instead of thinking about the thing you’re afraid of. Instead of thinking something like, “what if I lose my job and can’t pay the mortgage” think “what if I find the perfect position for me and provide amazing value for the company. I might even get a raise!”

  2. Remind yourself of what’s really available

    Give yourself a positive reality check. It’s probably not the end of the world. There are always opportunities and possibilities out there for you. Instead of thinking, “my friend just started dating the one single guy I actually met and liked” change your thought to, “if she/he can find someone, I know I will too and I know there are tons of other single people out there for me to meet. I can’t wait to find my perfect match!”

  3. Give gratitude for what you have and for what you will have

    Instead of thinking, “I’m so broke and I’m tired of worrying every month whether I can make rent” try a thought that comes from abundance like, “I am so grateful for the roof over my head and food on the table. Things are getting better every day!” In these types of situations, it’s helpful to praise every little blessing that comes into your life from a quarter on the ground to a new job interview. Gratitude is the highest of vibrations and is crucial to manifesting your dreams. After all, it would be pretty sorry if the universe delivered everything you’ve ever wanted to your doorstep and you weren’t grateful for any of it.

Can you see how scarcity mentality might be ruining your vibes? Coming from a place of abundance is both energetically elevated and more enjoyable, so why not give it a try?