march resolution: embracing winter style

embrace winter style

I know that come March, most people are dying for winter to be over. I hate sitting in a waiting mentality though and so instead, I’ve decided this year to really embrace the cold weather style for the next month and then once March is over, I’ll let myself go whole hog into the warm weather attitude. This does two things: prevents me from sitting in the bad attitude of “I hate cold weather” and allows me to look at my clothing from a “what do I want to wear more of before I can’t wear it anymore.”

Changing up my mentality this way has actually been so fun. When we were packing for the move, one of the things I did was decide which items I definitely wanted to get as much wear out of before it gets warm again. The first item on that list is this sweater. Y’all, it is so good. I thought I was going to look like a homeless person in it (and I can if it’s styled the wrong way), but it’s so warm, so comfortable and I think the size actually makes it a little more stylish. Somehow, if your sweater is just a little too big it looks bad, but if you go really big, you’re right on the money.

Also, all hail the French tuck. If you haven’t watched Queer Eye, stop what you’re doing and go watch it. Men, women and children alike think this show is hilarious and I learned that what I called a half tuck is actually called a French tuck so I’m going to consider it educational as well. There are very few outfits of mine these days that don’t include a little tuck. It elongates your legs and prevents your top from cutting you off around the middle. Magic.


Sweater | jeans | flats| earrings

Back to the story, I’m wearing the crap out of my favorite winter pieces so I’ll probably be living in this sweater for much of the month. If you see me, don’t call me out. What are your favorite winter pieces? Could you benefit from a winter/spring style deadline?