tapping into your best self

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping is a technique very similar to acupuncture that capitalizes on the meridians in your body but that can very easily be done at home without any training. One of the biggest reasons I love tapping is because it’s easy and makes me feel better immediately. In EFT, you use your fingertips to tap energy meridians on your upper body while repeating statements that speak to the changes you’d like to see in yourself or your life – think something along the lines of positive affirmations, but without feeling so weird about talking out loud to yourself.

Tapping can be used to improve physical health, strengthen relationships, boost confidence, curb anxiety – honestly, there’s probably an EFT video for anything you’d like to change or improve. My preferred method of tapping is to follow a video by Brad Yates on Youtube so I’m simply repeating what he says. I love to tap with Brad!

My absolute favorite tapping video is this one about allowing miracles. I like to start my day this way because it sets me up to see the magic in my everyday life, but it’s also a good one to turn around a bad day. Here’s another 5 minute version of the same topic.

Other EFT Videos You May Be Interested In:

I’m not always the best at staying consistent with tapping, but I know that when I’m really working through something, doing a tapping video on that topic everyday (even if it’s the same one on repeat) makes me feel like I have a ton of momentum towards achieving my goal. I would love to hear if you have already tried tapping or if you take a few minutes to try one of these videos!