a little january color

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In keeping with the idea of finding something uplifting to mix up the January blahs, here’s a colorful outfit to get you through the cold months. It was actually sunny for a hot second while we were taking these pictures, which was amazing, but one of the reasons I love this sweater is because it’s super warm and comfortable. Warm + stripes + color + bell sleeves = the perfect sweater.

Since I don’t really relish the idea of exposed ankles in anything less than 40 degrees and since I’ve worn my favorite boots a lot already this winter, I’ve been getting some good use out of these monochrome converses (and of course my favorite jeans). Fun fact, these are the shoes I wore at my wedding reception. You really can’t go wrong with converses, but I especially love how neutral these are.

law of attraction basics

I can tell this is going to be an easy + warm combo for the winter months that will also brighten my day. What’s your go-to colorful winter outfit?