winter athleisure

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My athleisure outfits are still going strong well into the winter months, but they does require a few adjustments to contend with the cold. I am a big fan of an oversized down vest because you can throw it over practically anything. It has big pockets so it's great for a wallet + phone combo for taking a walk or running errands. It's also warm so I can throw it on if I'm running to grab the mail or heading to the gym. If you don't already own a quarter zip or two, do yourself a favor. They're a good thin layer and I wear them around the house all the time. It's like a fancy long sleeve t-shirt. This blanket scarf is also a utility player in my wardrobe since it matches everything, is super warm and easy to throw on over any outfit. I'm honestly not in the habit of wearing hats all that much, but I like them AND they cover up your greasy hair which is a win. If it's super cold out, I'll wear higher socks to prevent the ankle gap that makes you feel like your feet might fall off.

What’s your favorite athleisure combo? Any pieces I need in my collection?

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