valentine's day decor

I know that Valentine’s Day isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of favorite holidays, but I love it! It’s in that sweet spot in the year where there aren’t a ton of things going on and a little extra love in the world never hurt, right? Still, you’re probably not going to slap hearts all over your house the way you deck the halls for Christmas. It’s just one day so I’m not proposing a big production, but I like to put out some of my favorite red + pink décor around the end of January to bring a little color into an otherwise dreary time of year. Here are a few ways I incorporate Valentine’s décor into my home and below are a few suggestions for Valentine’s themed pieces to use.

valentine’s day decor

1. Pillows + Throws

Pillows are the easiest way to change a color palette in a room. If you’re short on storage, you can just buy pillow covers and use the same inserts each time. I switch my living room over to mostly neutrals plus one or two pink and red pillows for good measure. I reuse those same pillows in the summer with more brights so they’re not just good for Valentine’s Day!

2. Happy Everything

Now, I’m technically granddaughtered in to Coton Colors because my mom has been selling it retail and wholesale for something like 15 years, but it’s actually the lazy decorator’s best friend. You buy a base piece like a platter or cookie jar and then get attachments to switch out for the holiday/season. It’s so easy to hit every holiday this way because it’s just a velcro switch away from an update. They have cute minis with attachments too like picture frames and soap pumps.

3. Art

I usually keep one frame that’s dedicated to seasonal prints and the easiest way to do this is to buy/keep cute holiday cards or postcards that work for each holiday! Keep all the cards together and nearby and it makes for an easy swap for the next holiday. For Valentine’s I have a card that a friend gave me years ago that looks like a vintage postage stamp with cupid on it. It’s adorable and instantly adds a subtle hint at Valentine’s Day.

4. Trinkets

This is where Target’s not-really-a-dollar section comes in handy. They’ve got cute, cheap holiday décor that can be added for little touches. A heart shaped tray, cute glasses, and hand or kitchen towels are easy to stash for holiday swaps. I’m seriously eyeing this pom-pom garland.

5. Candles

I think this is the obvious one for Valentine’s Day, but a few extra candles never hurt anyone. I love this bloom candle scent from Magnolia Home and I also put out a few milk glass votive holders this time of year.


Here are a few things I pulled that would be perfect for starting a small Valentine’s decor collection. I’m seriously eyeing this pom-pom garland myself. Happy shopping!

Images by Target, Amazon, Emily McDowell, and Coton Colors.