where i am: december

The last month has been one of those that’s simultaneously fast and slow. I wrote a little bit about where I was in my post, “the honest truth about a law of attraction lifestyle” and that was really a good segue into this life update.

law of attraction basics

I think the bottom line is, I’m learning to enjoy the journey. September and October were so full of growth and new challenges that I was constantly occupied, excited and thriving. November hit and my internal growth slowed (which to me seems like the worst thing ever) and, while I was still chugging along at running the blog, I wasn’t doing much outside of that. I wasn’t inspired to do any of the extra projects I had planned to do. I wasn’t going above and beyond.

This was frustrating to me because I love what I’m doing, and I generally love to work. I felt like I was stagnant and couldn’t figure out why. But, thus is life, right? We can’t always be in a season of growth and I struggle more with the seasons of stagnation than the growth periods. I always want to be improving, but sometimes growth means two steps forward and one step back. Things started to turn around after Thanksgiving and while I’m maybe not quite as eager as I was before, I’m feeling more like myself.


November was a great reminder that you’ve got to enjoy the journey and not just be waiting for the outcome. My output is not related to my worth in any way, shape or form. The stillness is just as significant as the growth. I’m getting more comfortable with enjoying the stage that I’m in. I think it’s an important lesson.

I’m planning on keeping things relatively slow for December and finding ways each day to light up my creativity. So far, that’s taken shape with decorating (or redecorating 😊) a space, reading a new book, and spending extra time to myself.


We’ve got some fun stuff coming up too! This weekend we celebrated the upcoming marriage of one of my childhood friends and we’re having our annual Christmas dinner with our best friends this week. I’ve got a Secret Santa exchange with some of my girlfriends. Seb bought us tickets to Disney on Ice (and yes I made him google whether it was acceptable to attend without children). We’ve got a few holiday parties to attend and gifts to shop for. I’m excited for all the Christmas festivities and I’m setting the intention to soak them all up to the fullest! And of course, I’m eagerly anticipating the new year and the electric energy that comes with setting new goals and planning the future. It’s honestly one of my favorite times of year because everyone is as excited as I am about personal development!

The good news about this update is that after looking back on my November intentions, I definitely made headway! I think I could still stand to put myself in front of the camera more often, but progress over perfection. Here are my intentions for December.

Be Present

This phrase tends to come off a little cheesy, but as mentioned above, constantly expecting growth isn’t healthy or helpful. I want to be more content in the in between phases, even if they’re not what I would prefer. I’m especially excited to practice this during the holiday season when things tend to get a little nuts.

Practice at Social Media

Social media is something I struggle with because it’s hard to get across my message and sound like me without sounding too cheesy/trite. This is 100% a personal block of mine and something I’m going to have to work through, but I’d like to start thinking of it more as practicing to get where I want to be. I can try things out and they don’t need to be perfect from the beginning, but I’m working towards being comfortable and confident in the voice and vibe I’m putting out on social media.

I was trying to think of a third one and honestly couldn’t come up with anything, so I’m going to stick with two. No need to force it! 😊 Slow growth isn’t my strong suit, but I’m working on it and that’s the name of the game for December. What are your goals this month?