where i am: january 2019

January is not my favorite month because I’m typically battling the winter blues, but I’m on the up + up so I finally felt like writing this post!

law of attraction basics

Here’s the thing: last year I went way out of my comfort zone, quit my job, + started a business. There was a lot of change all at once and then towards the end of the year, things slowed down. There wasn’t as much personal growth to be had and coupled with those winter blues, it made for a hefty bout of self-doubt. Now that I’m feeling better, it’s a lot easier to remember what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. It’s a big takeaway I took from the last few weeks - I always know what I want, but I just sometimes have a hard time remembering it.

It’s amazing what a change in perspective can do. The last few weeks have actually been fun and eventful! We had an awesome + relaxing Christmas. I finished content for + launched 30 days of Growth. We went to the JT concert, a hockey game, and I spent some time playing tourist downtown.

What I’m looking forward to:


I finally got my passport back after my name change. I was so worried that with the government shutdown that I wouldn’t be able to go, but now that I have it, I’m SO PUMPED for some warm weather and tequila. I also got a new swimsuit for the occasion and it’s so cute.


Coming off the winter funk I hit a major high. I’m talking ideas popping out of my ears, working like a mad woman floating on cloud 9 for a few days. And in this high, I realized that I wanted to tweak my branding/message to better incorporate everything I’m already doing + be able to add more. Stay tuned for that!


In keeping with that new brand direction, I’m so excited to go to Palm Springs in March to work with Alison and her team to better refine my business. I love everything she does so I couldn’t be more pumped for this opportunity!

What I’m working on:


I have been working on changing my thoughts about my body to be more positive and encouraging instead of disparaging. I actually took a little time off working out in December because I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons. Now I’m working on supporting my body by way of physical exercise + healthy foods instead of punishing it with exercise and only working out so I could eat what I want. This one is tough because the mental patterns I’ve established are deep, but I’m determined to make it work.


I want to increase my audience size so I’m making some changes to support that goal. I hope the rebranding will be the first step to a few positive changes for the business. I don’t want to get too stagnant with what I’m doing and I’m determined to make this work, so I’m making it happen!


As I mentioned, things slowed down for me at the end of last year. That includes my personal growth. I spent most of the year crushing the limiting beliefs and pushing past blocks I had identified, but then I kinda ran out of things to work through. Not that there isn’t always stuff to be worked on, but I think I needed a break. Now that I’ve had that break, I’ve identified a few new + old things that need addressing so I’ll be working through those. Resistance to being on camera, feeling guilty for choosing an ‘alternative’ path, and feeling like certain business moves might not be worth it because there aren’t enough people reading yet. But you’re all here and that would be doing a disservice to you, so I’m going to cut that out!