how i'm approaching money when i'm not making any

Good news for me, I figured out a new way to create content without even thinking about it - raid my journal! I literally typed this up in my notes on my computer just as a personal exercise while I was thinking about what I want to do with the money I make once it starts coming in and it just spiraled from there. Obviously since this blog is my business and I’m at it full-time, I want to start manifesting some money, right? So here is a real live look at my thought process around money.

money mindset - lack of money

10/25 Note on Money:

What I will do with the money i co-create with the universe via my business:

  • Reinvest in my business with improved processes/workflow (for more hands off income)

  • Reinvest in my business and myself with new products that i can promote

  • Reach more people with new products like video + courses

  • Invest in local businesses by hiring locals for projects and buying/promoting local products

  • Invest in local community by creating small groups and events in the area and participating in local events

  • Invest in myself with continued education, trips, and time with family/friends

  • Give to friends and family - my time, a meal on me, a listening ear, free products, etc.

  • Give to the community I've created - free products and knowledge that they wouldn't otherwise have gotten

  • Give to the global community - buying sustainable/ethical products, giving to charitable causes, showing support for things i believe in

Why I want this money:

  • To be able to buy what I want without having to use brain space thinking about it

  • To be able to give back to Sebastian for supporting me

  • To be able to give back to Mom and Dad for supporting me

  • To be able to do some fun things for friends + family

  • To be able to pay for upgrades to the house + lake house

  • To be able to invest in my business without having to think about it

How I am opening myself up to money:

  • Find additional affiliate programs

  • Submit business paperwork

  • Intentionally include referral links in posts

  • Buy a lotto ticket

  • Stay open to new ideas for money generators

  • Start working on courses

  • Ask for it daily (tapping, visualizations)

  • Stay in the habit of embodying being rich (gratitude, joy, appreciation)

Real talk, I’m not worried about our financial situation because Seb is more than willing to support me to get my business off the ground and knows that I’ll do the same for him. Fun fact - until a few weeks ago he had no idea how bloggers even make money, didn’t feel the need to ask, and just blindly put his faith in me - now that’s a husband! But anyways, I am ready to have that opportunity to return the favor and to do all of the other things I listed above. Talking about money can be a taboo topic, but why? Everyone wants money. It allows you to live a more fun, full life so there shouldn’t be any shame in admitting it. Money is simply something that’s available to support you in living your best life, so there shouldn’t be any negative connotations of it either. I would highly recommend the book You Are a Badass at Making Money if you haven’t read it already. Seriously, it’s one of the most helpful, eye-opening and funny books I’ve read and will be one I read over and over for sure. Feel free to use my prompts above to explore your own money motivations or if you need a little more direction, download my LOA Cheat Sheet and use the steps outlined there to start attracting more money into your life!